Combined membership for residents in anesthesia

As of October 2021, residents in anesthesia will be able to register for a combined membership with BSAR/VBS, SARB and BAT (BARA did not confirm yet). Of course, they can also become a member of only 1 society if they wish.

Fees: - Fee/Year 60%: SARB - Fee/Year 40%: BSAR/VBS - Fee/Year 0%: BAT

5 Years € 220,00 4 Years € 210,00 3 Years € 180,00 2 Years € 140,00 1 Year € 80,00

Membership includes: • ESA Associate Membership • Online access to the Acta Anaesthesiologica Belgica • Free access to BSAR Congress • Free access to SARB Graduation Day • Reduced registration fee to SARB Congress • Reduced registration to SARB endorsed meetings • Possibility to apply for SARB Research Grants • Free legal advice via BSAR (• Free BARA/ESRA Membership) (• Free access for 1y to ESRA academy and Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine) • Free BAT Membership (Free lessons edaic, free pdf anesthesia books, podcasts, pubmed monday...), representations for the residents in the different societies

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