COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 crisis is an exceptional crisis in every aspect.

The BAT has been informed of situations where specialist candidates of other disciplines have been forced into technical unemployment by their local department heads, currently residents in anesthesia have not been exposed to this.

The status of the resident is a hybrid Sui Generis state which does not give access to unemployment benefits as described in the labour law for employees in Belgium. This would lead to critical situations where those medical providers find themselves without ANY income.

The BAT wishes to support the initiative led by the VASO to alarm the academic, political and professional world to correct this situation as soon as possible. The BAT will support and take notice of any anesthesia resident who encounters this situation and will adress this matter. Also the professional and scientific society have given their full support to condemn this practice and will provide a strong statement to support us!

Our country claims to mobilize all the necessary forces to take full responsibility for the unprecedented tragedy we are currently experiencing. An inconsistency such as the suspension of all salaries to doctors in training must be fought in the most vigorous way!

Wishing you all the best! The BAT board

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