The BELGIAN ANESTHESIA TRAINEES (BAT) is an independent organisation that represents the interests of the Belgian anesthesia trainees in different institutions on different levels. All BAT members act voluntarily and without financial compensation to improve the position of Belgian anesthesia trainees by elaborating the BAT vision points and adhering to the BAT aims.

Workshops at the SARB Annual Meeting! 22/11/2019

Dear BAT members,

This year our collegues of the SARB organizes anesthesia workshops at a very low price at the SARB Annual Meeting! Try to be one of the beneficiaries. Registration is open!

=> Anesthesia residents can take part at reduced prices! Places are limited!

Workshop 1: Ultrasound in anesthesia

Workshop 2: The difficult airway

Link to the SARB programme

Hyperventilation in neurological patients: from physiology to outcome evidence.

PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Hyperventilation is commonly used in neurological patients to decrease elevated intracranial pressure (ICP) or relax a tense brain. However, the potentially deleterious effects of hyperventilation may limit its clinical application. The aim of this review is to summarize the physiological and outcome evidence related to hyperventilation in neurological patients.

Neuromonitoring in the elderly.

PURPOSE OF REVIEW: To summarize recent recommendations on intraoperative electroencephalogram (EEG) neuromonitoring in the elderly aimed at the prevention of postoperative delirium and long-term neurocognitive decline. We discuss recent perioperative EEG investigations relating to aging and cognitive dysfunction, and their implications on intraoperative EEG neuromonitoring in elderly patients.

Pre-operative respiratory optimisation: an expert review.

Postoperative pulmonary complications are common and cause increased mortality and hospital stay. Smoking and respiratory diseases including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and obstructive sleep apnoea are associated with developing postoperative pulmonary complications. Independent risk factors for such complications also include low pre-operative oxygen saturation, or a recent respiratory infection.

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