Start of the e-election

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Dear fellow trainees, As you may have heard we have been setting up a national organisation to represent all the Belgian anesthesia trainees, the BAT, for more than a year. So far we are present at the national anesthesia organisations board meetings and the ESA Trainee committee, we have created and spread a BAT Vision Text and have been involved in many important subject regarding anesthesia training. Aside from that there are many more things we are working on. To truly be a representative organisation, we decided to set up a VZW/ASBL and hold elections for our board members every two years. You will be able to vote for these elections at the BAT General Assembly on 24/11/2018 as a side event of the annual SARB meeting. We invite you to come join us here. However, the positions of BAT President and Vice-President will be voted for through a national […]