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BAT board members election

Dear anesthesia trainees,


To truly be a representative organization, we decided to set up a VZW/ASBL and hold elections for our board members every two years.


The elections of the BAT president and vice-president were voted for electronically from 01/11/2018 until 22/11/2018. We are happy to inform you that 137 anesthesia trainees (± 20% of Belgian anesthesia trainees) voted through this online election.


We are happy to present to you the results:

  • Shaun de Meirsman (KUL) was elected to be the BAT president.
  • Gabriel Barthélemy (UCL) was elected to be the BAT vice-president.


On 24/11/2018 the elections were held at the BAT General Assembly as a side event of the SARB annual meeting.


At the BAT General Assembly the other board members were elected.


The elected BAT board members 2018-2020:

  • Francis Ryckaert (KUL)
  • Kristof Nijs (KUL)
  • Ellen Thijs (UA)
  • Nathalie Kegels (UA)
  • Gregory De Meyer (UA)
  • Adrien Maseri (UCL)
  • Richard Coulie (UCL)
  • Bas Bruneel (UGent)
  • Sarah Saxena (ULB)
  • Yoann Vercruysse (ULB)
  • Siem De Cleyn (VUB)


A big thanks to all the voters and congratulations to the elected board members.


BAT, awake while others sleep


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