Start of the e-election

Dear fellow trainees,

As you may have heard we have been setting up a national organisation to represent all the Belgian anesthesia trainees, the BAT, for more than a year.
So far we are present at the national anesthesia organisations board meetings and the ESA Trainee committee, we have created and spread a BAT Vision Text and have been involved in many important subject regarding anesthesia training. Aside from that there are many more things we are working on.

To truly be a representative organisation, we decided to set up a VZW/ASBL and hold elections for our board members every two years. You will be able to vote for these elections at the BAT General Assembly on 24/11/2018 as a side event of the annual SARB meeting. We invite you to come join us here.

However, the positions of BAT President and Vice-President will be voted for through a national online election to maximize your chance to participate. These elections are open from 01/11/2018 until 22/11/2018, three weeks in total.
We invite you to cast your vote on one of the candidates and help the BAT represent you as a trainee. It will only take a few minutes.

All anesthesia trainees and anesthesiologists until 2 years after graduating can vote. You do have to become a member but this is incorporated in the voting link. Membership is free and holds no obligations at all.

The candidate with the most votes will become the BAT President, the one with the second most votes from the other language group (Dutch or French speaking) will become the BAT Vice-president, both for two years.

Thank you for voting and coming to our General Assembly the 24th of November (invitation attached)!

See you then,

On behalf of the BAT Board,
Arnaud Gaudin (President)
Maarten Brusseleers (Vice-president)
Francis Ryckaert (Treasurer)
Jeroen Dehaes (Secretary)

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