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Call for candidates

Dear fellow trainees,

As you may have heard we have been setting up a national organisation to represent all the Belgian anesthesia trainees, the BAT, for more than a year.

To truly be a representative organisation, we decided to set up a VZW/ASBL and hold elections for our board members every two years. You will be able to vote for these elections at the BAT General Assembly on 24/11/2018 as a side event of the annual SARB meeting. We invite you to come join us here.

Offcourse we are always looking for new, highly motivated board members to strengthen the team. If interested, you can applicate for one of the board member position in the BAT (2 for each university). We need to have a short CV and motivation (less than 250 words) from each person wanting a BAT Board Member position. Important to know that non-board members can actively stay involved in the BAT, just without voting rights.

To give us some time to collect the data, please send your CV and motivation letter before 10/11/2018. Just email to

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